Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's been awhile. I am in the midst of packing and moving, SO can't wait to be done with this part! But I thought i'd pop in to mention that I just signed up for my 2nd ever 5k in June, ahhh!! The countdown begins!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carter turns 2!

I'm a little behind here (we can just blame it on packing, closing on our house, and everything else that happens on the regular). But last week my baby boy turned 2. I can hardly believe that two years have already flown by! He is such a cute little bugger, sweet & smart, who totally adores his big brother. He is starting to lean out and lose a bit of the baby features. In the last month or so has really grown in his vocabulary and the words that he is able to say and how he can express himself. It's the cutest and sometimes funniest thing but also quite sad. I love this boy so much! Being a mom the second time around is different, i'm much more relaxed and confident in my parenting (whatever that means, haha), I am really trying to enjoy and embrace my time with him [and Braden of course] because I realize that the moments pass too quickly. I worried when I was pregnant with him, that I wouldn't be able to love him the way I loved his brother but my heart is just so full for these two boys. I could have never imagined loving two people the way I love them.

Some of my recent favorite things that Carter is saying or doing:

"Otay (ok) mommy"
"I sowwy"
"me too!"
He calls Braden by his name vs Bray Bray
He gives a thumbs up but leaves his pointer out too so it looks like he's shooting you instead
He can jump and actually get off the ground
Everything to him is "yewo" (yellow)
"I do mommy, i do it"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

this weekend.

Went to NYC this weekend. Had a great time with my family. The best part was getting to see my grandpa again. So thankful for that opportunity.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We have a love hate relationship. Love the way [usually] I feel after making it to the gym: working out, relieving stress, and taking care of myself. Love when I do better than the last time. Love when I surprise myself. Hate that it's mostly hard to motivate myself to go. Hate when i'm not consistent. Hate when i'm just so tired that I'm not sure it would benefit me to go. Hate when I don't push myself and just do the minimal. Perhaps at some point this relationship will even out? I sure hope so.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Standard.

As women, we often put alot of pressure on ourselves. There are many shoes that we need to fill and we obviously want to do them well. Time and time again I find that I am so hard on myself. I cut everyone slack, understand that people have alot on their plate, allow room for improvement or mistakes but don't allow myself the same. I look around and compare myself to others and see how I need to change. Today I found myself thinking to whom I was comparing myself to.What or whom am I measuring myself against and where am I getting these [sometimes ridiculous] ideas.
This year I am taking the risk. Letting go of preconcieved notions of who I think i'm supposed to be and simply becoming. Doing things I want to do but normally wouldn't because of what someone might think or say. Does that sounds wrong or selfish? Bummer for you cause here I come :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Took advantage of some sunlight by the window and my sweet boy. He's getting too big.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yes, we have been hit with the sick thing, again. This time it's Carter with high fevers, no sleeping, lots of crying and whining and no meds because it's viral. Perhaps I can get back into some sort of blogging rhythm when we are no longer sick, sigh- whine whine.
In the meantime here are my boys.