Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Two is hard. I mean the age two. Let me say that Braden is an awesome kid. He has alot of energy, is super funny, sweet, an all around good kid. But then this thing happens..ugh. The amount of screaming and crying that happens on a regular day is incredible. At the drop of a hat the child can go from elated to devastated. I guess we can say that he feels things very intensely. So I'm learning as I go and trying to figure out what is best- for both of us. This afternoon on the way home from a quick stop at a store he screamed the ENTIRE ride back because he "wanted to go some place" (that place is yet to be determined).

But then there are those moments when we just sit and play and laugh and they are the best. I look at him and smile and remember how fast the time goes and I just want to squueze him.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back to life, back to reality

We got back last night after being gone for a little over two weeks. A week in Cape Cod with Rob's family and a week in VA visiting friends AND picking up our belongings. As we drove up to where our POD was parked to move things into the truck, I felt emotional- seriously I thought I could cry. I'm still trying to figure out why but I think part of it was just the feeling that seeing or having our "stuff" (even if they are going to be in storage for an unknown amount of time) gave me. I think it was a glimpse of hope and a reminder that even if it feels like forever, it hasn't been. That doesn't make sense unless you know the whole story and the whole story would just take too long... But being away for two+ plus weeks really gave me an opportunity to escape- my worries, my thoughts, my overanalyzing of life. It was nice.

VA was great. It was nice to see friends, I miss them. It was awesome to spend time with one of my favorite families ever, the Munevars. They are so warm, open, and they love each other so much. As we sat around the dinner table our last night in VA I just looked around and smiled. As the kids told stories and we all laughed, I sat their hoping and praying that God would give Rob and I the strength and wisdom to raise respectful, loving boys that love God, each other, and us. That we will learn to love them the way they need to be loved and celebrate their differences. That they will still enjoy our company when they are teenagers, that they will get excited when dad comes home from work, that they will love us even though we aren't perfect and will make many mistakes because they have learned mercy and the power of forgiveness. Spending time with them this past week gave me hope- that even though parenting is never easy, it's not only possible but it's necessary and one day will reap amazing results.