Monday, September 12, 2011

First day.

We made it through our first day of preschool! Not only did we make it but it went well. There were no tears, Braden was a very excited, brave boy who walked in to his room with little hesitancy.
Carter was very sad not having his big brother around but he had some things of his own to worry about... Carter had a first too. His first day of no bobo (what he calls his pacifier) unless he is sleeping in his bed. We had a rough patch this afternoon with some intense screaming but we pushed through!
Proud of my boys today and cannot believe how quickly they are growing!

Friday, September 9, 2011

We're starting school.

In just a few short days my oldest baby will be starting preschool. I'm having very mixed feelings. I know that he is ready and many days I feel ready too but I am also so sad. I cannot believe how quickly the last four years have flown by. Luckily, he'll only be gone three days a week for just a few hours!

Tonight we had a little bit of a "We're starting school" dinner party. Braden and Joce got to wear crowns (that I totally threw together last minute), a silly string fight, some yummy food and we had cupcakes with special wishes to end the night.

Reminded of how blessed I am to be home with my boys.