Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Journey.

I am guilty of too often looking ahead and not focusing on what's in front of me. I get so caught up in the details- the what if's, the when's, the what if not's. I worry. I over analyze and over think. I stress. And not only does this mean that I will often overlook the great things that are right in front of me but I am too bound to take any chance or risk.
This has been on my mind alot recently. I should say though that I have come a long way in this past year. Of trying to let go, of trusting, and being ok not being in control [because I guess in the end it's all about the control]. But it creeps back in. And right now I feel like there are certain circumstances that almost validate my worries of the future BUT-It's still wrong.
This past Sunday the message at church was more or less about this. About letting go of the what ifs. About realizing that it's not necessarily about the destination, but more about the journey on the way to the destination. So I am praying that even on this strange/hard/weird/frustrating journey- God would help me to live in it, embrace it, learn from it, and even love it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time for something new.

I realize that I haven't been blogging as often as I said I would and definitely not as often as I would like. So i'm going to take the time to update my blog, re-evaluate some things...some things are brewing and happening.. I'm ready for the fresh and the new. I don't even know what it all means or what it's going to look like. Some of it is just happening on it's own, evolving. But it's in the works, it'll be in the works.

The Kings.

I've been friends with David and Alicia since we were kids. Now we are all grown up, are married, and have kids. Our first borns are only 6 months apart and are babies are only 6 days apart (we have two boys and they have two girls).
I had the chance to snap some pics of them before I headed out for vacation, good times! I already told Alicia that i'll have to borrow them again for some more shots and to try some fun, new things.
Here are a couple from our time together.

Love this one.

My hubby came along and assisted with the babes :) I might have to hire him.